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  • Il Divo - Meet & Greet Upgrades

Il Divo - Meet & Greet Upgrades

Fri 29.06.2018


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Il Divo - Meet & Greet Upgrades
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About Il Divo - Meet & Greet Upgrades

If you wish to purchase tickets on this page, you will buy tickets for the UPGRADE and NOT FOR THE CONCERT


Meet & Greet – VIP Pack
The Meet & Greet with the members of Il Divo will take place before the concert.
You will be notified by email with all the exact details and timings for the Meet & Greet – VIP Pack, at the latest one week prior to the concert.
NOTE: this voucher is just an upgrade and not a valuable ticket for the concert of Il Divo. Tickets for this concert need to be purchased separately. Fans who wish to have the upgrade and participate to the Meet & Greet – VIP Pack need to have a ticket for the concert in their possession. 



Il Divo is the incredible success story of four people from different nationalities and backgrounds who decided to prove to the world that music could transcends borders and definitions. This multi-national vocal quartet has become one of the bestselling classical music bands in the world.

Urs Buhler, Sebastien Izambard, Carlos Marin and David Miller met in 2003, the culmination of an exhaustive search by music producer Simon Cowell to find four singers of distinctive individual gifts that could, together, create musical magic. In the years that followed his amazing discovery, Il Divo has continued to grow as artists and performers, and his millions of fans around the world have joined them on that journey.

Since the beginning of their career in 2004, Il Divo have sold an impressive 30 million albums worldwide and have collected 160 gold and platinum awards in over 33 countries, delivering hit songs such as 'Regresa a mi (Unbreak My Heart)', 'The Time Of Our Lives', 'Si voy a perderte (Don’t Wanna Lose You)' and 'I Believe In You (Je crois en toi)'.

Proof of their undisputed success, they even entered the book of Guinness World Records in 2006, becoming the most commercially praised, classical-crossover band in music history.

Il Divo have performed in front of the world’s most powerful and recognizable names – from Barack Obama to Her Majesty the Queen of England. They have shared microphones with fellow superstars from Barbara Streisand to Celine Dion.

With a new album coming out in the Spring of 2018, Il Divo are back with the announcement of their TIMELESS TOUR 2018.They will perform with a 20-headed live orchestra at Forest National on 29 June 2018.



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