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Semino Rossi, Die Große Jubiläumstour 2022/2023

Tue 21.02.2023 Trixxo Arena - Hasselt
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Semino Rossi, Die Große Jubiläumstour 2022/2023
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About Semino Rossi, Die Große Jubiläumstour 2022/2023

Semino Rossi's concert in Trixxo Arena is cancelled.

Ticket buyers will be informed by email.

Update 26.09.2022


The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic have severely affected all social and economic sectors, and in particular the cultural and events sector, and continues to be clearly felt. Due to corresponding ordinances, all countries are affected by event bans, which will remain in force at least until 31 August 2020. Relaxations affecting the culture and event sector after 31 August 2020 cannot be estimated at present, and the planning and legal uncertainty that has resulted has unfortunately made it necessary to postpone and reorganise the Star of Hearts tour until 2022/2023. The postponement of countless other events unfortunately meant that, for logistical and scheduling reasons, it was not possible to find alternative dates for all events, despite all efforts. We deeply regret that for this reason nine concerts have to be played in cities other than those originally planned. Tickets already purchased for these concerts can either be exchanged for another concert on this tour or returned for a refund of the purchase price.

From autumn 2021 Semino Rossi, the absolute star of the hearts, goes on a big tour. His musical journey takes him through 6 countries with a total of 61 concerts. On board Semino Rossi will of course have his brand-new successful album “So ist das Leben” on board, which was also the inspiration for naming Semino’s big anniversary tour 2022/2023. Within the scope of the big jubilee tour 2022/2023 a total of 7 open-air concerts will be played in exclusive venues. These concerts are another highlight of this tour and will provide unforgettable open-air concert experiences for the fans of Semino Rossi.

The charismatic exceptional artist with Argentinean roots has long since climbed the Schlager Olympus with a fairytale career. Live appearances are a singer’s knife on the ridge and Semino Rossi can claim that his skills set the bar very high in the Schlager business. When Semino is on stage, the audience realizes after the first lines that there is someone standing there who sings and speaks with all his soul, who reveals something from his innermost being. Semino Rossi’s entertaining qualities, his charming humour are always the personal signature of his varied and emotional concerts. This tour will also be outstanding in terms of stage design. A fantastic stage design and state-of-the-art sound, lighting and LED technology will provide a worthy setting for Semino Rossi.
With the big jubilee tour, Semino Rossi invites all fans to accompany him on his musical path for another piece and to experience wonderful hours together.


The show is rescheduled to Tuesday February 21, 2023.

Ticket holders will be contacted personally by email.

Update 08.06.21


Tickets: 63.99 euros   73.99 euros   83.99 euros   93.99 euros   129.99 euros (wheelchair 39.99 euros)
There is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.

This event is organised by Global Event & Entertainment Group.

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