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Vlaanderens Kerstjumping 2021

Thu 30.12.2021 Nekkerhal - Brussels North (Mechelen)
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Vlaanderens Kerstjumping 2021
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About Vlaanderens Kerstjumping 2021

Jumping Mechelen 2021 is cancelled.

These past few weeks you have made it loud and clear to us how much you are looking forward to that long-awaited 40th anniversary of Vlaanderens Kerstjumping - Memorial Eric Wauters. Your support and enthusiasm kept motivating us to, after a difficult period, create a beautiful sportive ending to 2021 for all horse fans. Therefore, we regret even more that we have to disappoint you today. Jumping Mechelen 2021 will not take place. We would have liked it to be different. But we have no choice.

We can no longer ignore the cry for help of the hospitals and also for us the health of everyone in our society is the priority. Moreover, within the current COVID-19 measures, our event does not get the necessary oxygen to continue. Jumping Mechelen is a very diverse event, but is primarily considered an indoor sports event. No visitors are allowed there at the moment. And without our enthusiastic public, Jumping Mechelen simply cannot continue.

We will automatically refund all tickets via Teleticket Service. Business seats and VIP tables will also automatically be reimbursed by Jumping Mechelen.

We know that many of you have competed for a starting place at one of our pre-selections. We are currently looking for an alternative date and location so the people selected for the JM Indoor Masters and other competitions can still shine at a wonderful final. We will keep you updated through our website and social media. Also, the leagues will inform their members as soon as more news is available.

Auction Mechelen and the loose jumping finals for 2-year-old horses will also take place. The semi-final scheduled for next Sunday, 5 December, at Azelhof will now become the final. Auction Mechelen will be held on 29 December, as planned, but online. More info: www.auction-mechelen.com.

We share this news today with pain in our hearts, but feel greatly strengthened by our fantastic audience, our incredible staff, our loyal partners and our enthusiastic participants.

Thank you for everything! We will meet in 2022. In the Nekkerhal. For the most unforgettable Jumping Mechelen ever. So that we can finally blow out those 40 candles.

The Organizing Committee of Jumping Mechelen

Update 2.12.2021


Session 1A - 21 euro
Session 1B - 21 euro
Sessions 2 - 21 euro

27/12 en 28/12
Day - 21 euro
Evening- 31 euro
Combi 42 - euro

Day - 31 euro
Evening - 31 euro
Combi - 52 euro

Day - 41 euro
Evening - 31 euro
Combi - 62 euro


In December, we celebrate 40 years of Jumping Mechelen. And we open this festive edition with a bang, especially for the youngest horse fans. From 9.00 to 18.00, Flanders Christmas Jumping will be all about the JM Kids Day, culminating in a two-hour show full of song, dance and horse spectacle. In addition, we will be offering numerous exciting pony competitions, demos and side activities. This will be a feast not only for the kids, but also for parents and grandparents. Together, we will make it a great party!

On Boxing Day, we transform the magical Christmas Arena into a true show stage. The young artists of the Ketnet Musical Knock-Out will be the first to perform. They will perform the music from their widely acclaimed shows. If you know that this consists for a large part of well-known Ketnet and Studio 100 numbers, you already know that the roof of the Nekkerhal will come off immediately. The world-famous horse show by the flying Frenchman Lorenzo is also on the program. Exciting pony games, Trick Riding demonstrations, an act of Father Christmas and of course the oh-so-cute mini steeple are on the program. The main act this year is the KetnetBand, who will descend on the Nekkerhal in full strength. It's not every day you get the chance to see Gloria, Michiel, Sien, Maureen, Gio and Elindo perform together for no less than 40 minutes. Moreover, after their performance, they will take plenty of time for photos and signatures.

Click here for more information about the Kids Day.

JM Party

Those who do not want to go home after the JM Kids Day are in luck, by the way. To celebrate our 40th edition, we are closing the first day of JM 2021 with a smashing indoor festival. At 9pm the slope will be transformed into a gigantic dance floor. None other than Sam Gooris, Gunther Neefs, Belle Perez, Bart Kaëll, Gene Thomas and Willy Sommers will have you singing and swinging to their greatest ambient hits. In addition, from 6.30 p.m. onwards there will be show and sport on the program and after the indoor festival DJ Wim Verboven will take us on a ride until the early hours.

Click here for more info.


The full program can be found here.

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