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  • World Choir Games Flanders 2020, Celebration Concerts


World Choir Games Flanders 2020, Celebration Concerts

Tue 14.07.2020 Koningin Elisabethzaal Antwerpen


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World Choir Games Flanders 2020, Celebration Concerts
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About World Choir Games Flanders 2020, Celebration Concerts

The World Choir Games will be postponed to later dates.




Can singing save the world? On December 24 , 1914, singing silenced enemy weapons for a brief moment. And it was through the "Singing Revolution", that the Baltic States regained their independence. During the World Choir Games of 2014 in Riga, these three countries received the first World Chori Peace Prize. Tonight this prize will be awarded for the second time. The laureate will, for the moment, remain our secret, but we can already reveal the theme of this celebration concert: songs about peace!

Gracing the stage are 4 top choirs,such as the show and pop choir Rise Up from Pelt, which was already very successful at the World Choir Games 2018 in South Africa. The Danish ensemble Vocal Line, winners of the Eurovision Choir competition at the European Choir Games 2019 in Gothenburg will also be among the performers.



What sweet music did the Van Eyck brothers have the angels on the side panels of their Lam God's sing. The music sheets and the positioning of the angels' mouths suggest something sung in parts. It was common practice amongst the old masters to portray celestial music unknown to mankind. In the almost 600 years that have passed since the last brush stroke on the altarpiece, a lot of new music has of course been written. Even the iterations of the Angus  Dei alone are plentiful

The Schola Cantorum of St-Bavo's Cathedral and the Schola Gregoriana Cantabo start off the evenening with authentic Ghent-ian Gregorian chant that perhaps even the Van Eyck brothers themselves may have heard, echoing beneath these pointed arches. The performing choirs from overseas bring with them their own unique influences from all over the world



That there are no fewer than three competition categories surrounding folklore during the World Choir Games is quite revealing! Whether a capella, accompanied or "scenic", you are in for a treat tonight. A whole new world takes the stage, full of colorful costumes, spectacular movements, exhilarating percussion and quintessential vocals.

This music builds ons long lasting traditions and is deply rooted in local cultures. It is often lif's everyday things which can be found at the heart of this music: a lullaby, sage advice, the lives of fishermen, harvest songs, mineworker's dances... Song and dance truly come together to form a briljant whole.

This evening 4 renowned choirs will take you through a swirling atmosphere, including the Karangturi Choir from Indonesia and the Girls Choir Leelo from Estonia. As award-winning ‘World Champions in Scenic Folklore’ during the previous edition of the World Choir Games, the St. Mary's DSB Choir from South Africa cannot be missed here.



Flemish composers have often brought about international innovation. Just think of Adriaan Willaert who in early 16th century Venice gave polychoral singing a boost. 500 years later, Wim Henderickx is such a figurehead. With Visioni ed Estasi he immerses the listener in a sea of sounds. In an arrangement inspired by the Venetian "cori spezzati", four choir groups and electronics enter into a dialogue with one another. Henderickx often drew inspiration from the East, which allowed his compositions to exist in a wider spiritual context. The lyrics, built on the sounds of "Lux Aeterna", radiate a universal message of light and hope.

It doesn't get any fresher than this, the ink on the music sheets of the first part of tonight's program hasn't even had a chance to dry. On the 6th of July, the participants of the International SoundMine Composition Internship of Musica start with a blank slate. Four days and a short rehearsal with the choirs later, newly formed pieces will see daylight for the first time. An exciting night not only for the composer, but also for the performers and the public!

choirs: Vocal Ensemble Reflection, Amforo,  Antwerp Cathedral Choir, Ars Vocalis, De 2edeem Bre
conductors: Sebastiaan Van Steenberge, Patrick Windmolders, Tom Deneckere, Diederik Glorieux



Out of The Voice Box promises to be an unforgettable concert which playfully colores outside the lines with the power of song and music. Central to the performance is OverStem Kanker, a choir of people without vocal chords. With support by Die Verdammte Spielerei, Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino and other locally grown talent, international beatboxer Reep One and audiovisual artist Philip Clemo. Together they take up the challenge to enchant the audience in an innovative way with an inclusive and inspiring program.

The project OverStem Kanker aims to aid people recovering from a laryngectomy, the removal of the larynx, in making their new voice heard in ou society. A major limitation becomes an artistic asset. Tonight's choir has grown from projet, led by voice coach and conductor Andries De Winter.

Shout at Cancer Belgium vzw is an organization which aims at promoting quality of life and social integration for people post laryngectomy through the integration of art in car. The artistic direction is in the hands of founder and driving force, Dr. Thomas Moors, a Belgian Doctor who lives and works in London.



There is no shortage of rock-solid pop and jazz in Flanders. In the past few years the pop choir in particular has known an increase in popularity. The World Choir Games will only add to this momentum. During the course of mere days, more than a hundred choirs immerse themselves in spiritual music, gospel, jazz or pop. Wether is is a vocal quartet, a close harmony ensemble, a show choir or a choir with more than a hundred singers, it will swing! A top selection will come to Rivierenhof open air theater for the most sultry choir evening of the season.



The European Football Championship is played out and now the final match of the "World Cup Choir" is also finished. Teamwork plays an essential role in both competitions. At the World Choir Games however, choirs do not challenge an opponent, but mostly themselves. In a quest for a higher level of performance, the crowing choirs are not the only winners. The singers, the audience and the music itself all emerge victorious.

Since 2000, the year of the first edition of the World Choir Games, Interkultur has maintained a worldwide ranking. The Stellenbosch University Choir from South Africa is number 1 in the Top 1000. They can not be missed in the grand finale and will contribute to more vocal fireworks at this last celebration concert. The highest-ranked Belgian choir, Waelrant youth choir will also receive a place of honour. The choirs Maîtrise de Seine-Maritime from France and The Ambassadors of Harmony from the United States of America complete the line-up of this magical evening as ‘a cappella’ experts.

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