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  • Bon Iver presents their new album 'I,I' in the Sportpaleis on April 23rd

Bon Iver presents their new album 'I,I' in the Sportpaleis on April 23rd

Published on Tue 10.09.2019

Bon Iver released their fourth record, I,I, in August. They will present this at the Sportpaleis on April 23rd.

Last month the American indie folk band released their fourth album. Each song was carefully released one by one each hour and let us tell you something we are on cloud nine with this album. The fourth album represents autumn and with this they complete their astronomical circle. But no worries, there are still the days of the week or the months of the year for them to use. .

WINTER - For Emma, Forever Ago (2007)

During a difficult winter period Bon Iver, pseudonym for Justin Vernon, released the album on their own. Yet it was picked up relatively quickly and distributed worldwide. Thank you for that. The album received acclaim from music critics all over the world and was considered to be the album that put folk back on the map. We would like to express our sincere thanks for that as well.

SPRING – Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011)

After the winter it was time for a turbulent spring with a new album and a new genre. Folk was kind of forgotten and had to make way for rock. The album opens with the great 'Perth', to make a long story short, this song was his way of honouring actor Heath Ledger, who unfortunately died in 2008. Thank you, Justin!

SUMMER – 22, A Million (2016)

Number three represents a wild wild summer. The band evolves in style, after folk and rock they decided to play with electronic music. This album appeared in no less than 11 lists of 'albums of the year 2016'. And OMG this is a great album, it brought us both 22 (Over soon) and 33 GOD.

AUTUMN – I,I (2019)

To close the astronomical seasons, the band presents their fourth album I,I. The most extensive, joyful and generous album to date.

'(*****) Bon Iver has pieced together this fourth album in an impossibly intelligent way.’

• NME (Hannah Mylrea)

'(*****) Hearing is believing in an artistry for this or any age.’

• The Sun

(****) I,I never sounds less than excellent.’

• Mojo

(****) Vernon is one of the sonic architects of our times.’

• The Telegraph (Neil McCormick)

The fourth album will be celebrated exuberantly with a new tour and a stop in Antwerp. And the show promises to be the most ambitious in the history of Bon Iver. Okay, we're so ready for this.

Bon Iver, April 23 at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Tickets are available from September 13, 10AM.