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Three reasons to come to Forest National in March

Published on Thu 09.03.2023

Forest National is expecting some fine company this month! Looking for a reason to visit your favorite concert venue once again? Here are three!

International Women's Day may have been yesterday, but girl power remains alive and kicking this weekend as well. This year, the women's final of the Lotto Basketball Cup will be played at Forest National for the first time. On Saturday, March 11 at 6 p.m., Royal Castors Braine and Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen will compete for the cup.
Do you want to come and watch this blood-curdling game? Buy your tickets now for the final on March 11.


On March 22, Louise Attaque celebrates more than 25 years of career on the stage of Forest National. And they bring with them an impressive support act. The Compagnie Manon Bouquet brings an impressive 30-minute performance with "Realité," in which 5 dancers try to find themselves again and reconnect. Mysteriously thrown into this circular space, they try to rediscover their physical capacities through energetic and repetitive movements.
Curious? Tickets for the March 22 concert are still on sale.


A day later, Tamino will take over Forest National. And he too is bringing a guest. Dienne creates songs and soundscapes that reflect the images and stories playing in her head. She combines analog instruments like oboe, piano and flute with reverb-soaked vocals and electronic music. As a result, she creates hazy pieces of music full of melancholy. Her debut album "Addio," released last year, is a musical tribute to her late grandmother. Get your tickets now for the March 23 concert.