London Grammar's concert tonight in the Lotto Arena will take place as planned. Visitors are advised to leave in time.


Support act: Lo Moon

Tickets: 35, 39, 43 and 47 euros.

Important message: delayed ticket transfer! Tele Ticket Service will send the tickets at the earliest 4 weeks before the event. The main reason for this measure is the fight against ticketing fraud and the black market. By delivering the tickets only 4 weeks before the event, resale at extremely high prices on the black market is being impeded.

Resale of tickets at exorbitant prices is illegal in Belgium. Facilitation hereof via a website is prosecutable. Any person offering excessively purchased ticket for resale via these concerned websites risks to be prosecuted in court.

This event is over



18:30 opening doors
19:45 Lo Moon
21:00 London Grammar
22:20 estimated ending time

All timings are approximate and subject to changes without prior notice.