Inspired by the concept “My Great Orchestral Adventure”, presented in October 2016 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, “The Conductor and Me” is a “Concert-Adventure”® aimed at children aged between 4 and 12.

Surrounded by a full orchestra of 40 musicians, they will meet chorus singers, the opera’s ballerinas, circus performers, Jack sparrow, Dark Vador and the stormtroopers and many others, all guided by “Crazy Mime” Borys Borysenko…

All of these artists will plunge the children (and big ones) into a festive and playful musical universe, at the end of which each will become a “Conductor”!

A show to enjoy as a family: mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers too!

Show length: 70 minutes without an interval.
P.S. Factor in an extra 55 minutes for applause.


Pirates of the Caribbean (with the cooperation of Jack Sparrow)
The Cat Duet (Meow!)
Tune from William Tell (Rossini)
Turkish March (Mozart)
The Dance of the Little Swans (Tchaikovsky and the ballerinas of the Opera)
Do Re Mi (The Sound of Music) (with the choir of the public in the theatre)
Star Wars (with the cooperation of the Stormtroopers)
We will rock you (Queen)
Radetsky March !
And many others…

Tickets: 24, 29, 34 and 39 euros.

Inspired by the concept ‘My Great Orchestral Adventure’