25 Years The House of House, 25 Years The Club, The People, The Music

From Saturday 30th of April, 7PM till Sunday 1st of May, 6AM Cherry Moon goes BIG again in Lotto Arena Antwerp!

11 years after its last edition Cherry Moon returns to Antwerp for 25 Years Cherry Moon! Prepare for the most legendary line up in Cherry Moon history with 3 international headliners and the best Belgian DJ’s who made the club scene in the 90s. This will be the ultimate retro party of the year. Expect an amazing lightshow & ditto sound combined with the unique Cherry Moon vibe and atmosphere.

Line-up Main Area

  • ROBERT ARMANI (Hit Hard, Ambulance, Cherry Moon Legend / USA)
  • DJ RUSH (Kne Deep, Look & See, I Believe, MF Bass / USA)
  • JOHANNES HEIL live (Cocoon ,Exile, Paranoid Dancer / DE)
  • Cherry Moon Trax Live (new formation!)
  • Yves Deruyter (Cherry Moon, Globe)
  • Dj Ghost (Cherry Moon, H2O)
  • Dave Davis (Cherry Moon)
  • Franky Jones (Cherry Moon, Montini)
  • Youri Parker (Cherry Moon)
  • Franky Kloeck (Cherry Moon, Globe)
  • Armani & Ghost Live
  • Quincy (Cherry Moon, Age Of Love)
  • Dimi (Cherry Moon)

Line-up Foyer Area

  • Dj George’s (La Bush, Lagoa)
  • Phi Phi (Extreme)
  • Olivier Pieters (Ckomilfoo)
  • Michael Forzza (Pulse Factory)
  • Cp (Pulse Factory)
  • Marko De La Rocca (La Rocca)
  • Mike Thompson & Alain Faber (Cherry Moon, Foyer Legends)
  • Fire (Cherry Moon)


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